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AU Library annual chronicle





Library System and School Management System synchronization.

Jun. 2019 “Free Books Day”2nd 

May 2019 Book Fair “Coldplay” 

May 2019 Library System and School Management System synchronization.

May 2019 MUSE System shut down. 

Mar. 2019 Book Fair “Ourselves”

Feb. 2019 Space Management System upgrade 


New Library System iNspire activation.

Nov. 2018 Book Fair “Movie/A.I/Law”
Oct. 2018 Book Fair “Volunteer Billboard”
Aug. 2018 New Library System iNspire activation.


Book Fair “On the Road” in associated with College of Information and Electrical Engineering.

Book Fair “Watchmen” in associated with Department of Optometry.

June 2018

Book Fair “On the Road” in associated with College of Information and Electrical Engineering.

May. 2018

Book Fair “Watchmen” in associated with Department of Optometry.


Academic Progress Award for individual initiative.

Book Fair “School Day” in associated with Learning and Career Development Center.

Book Fair “Minimalist fashion” in associated with Department of Fashion Design.

Oct. 2017

Academic Progress Award for individual initiative.

Oct.-Dec. 2017

Book Fair “School Day” in associated with Learning and Career Development Center

Sep.-Oct. 2017

Book Fair “Minimalist fashion” in associated with Department of Fashion Design.

Nov. 2017

[Xingfu Lecture in Asia University] diving learning activities in assoicated with Dept. of Law, and Affiliated High School of National Chung Hsing University!

Oct. 2017

Host the Asia Talk speech contest in assoicated with the center for creative leadership, Asia University .


Activating Smart Learning Community

May 2016

Floating Book Program: Adding 3 bookcases at 3 dormitories, and total up to 7

March 2016

1.Activating Smart Learning Community Platform

2.Adjusting Reference Area and setting up Learning Commons 2.0 Area

February 2016

Book Collections over 500,000


Learning Community Groups over 1,000

January 2016

1.Learning Community Groups over 1,000

2.Adjusting Periodical Area, Reading Area And Reference Area

December 2015

Director Shu-Chuan Liao was invited as a session speaker in "2015 Academic Library Director Forum"at Harbin, China

November 2015

“Those days in Library” Miss Cat exhibition opening

November 2015

Taipei Women Writing Association book donation ceremony

November 2015

Subscribing learning resources in associated with "Equal Opportunity Project"

October 2015

Conducting the 7th “Meet Your Wisdom” Series Forum


Enjoy Reading- Floating  Book Program Initiative

Academic Progress Award Initiative

Building a Learning Repository

July 2015 Enabling visitors’ entrance pass system

July 2015 Enjoy Reading- Floating Book  Program Initiative

July 2015 Building a Learning Repository in association with the Teaching Excellence Project

June 2015 Conducting learning groups achievements and oral presentation competition

May 2015 Miss Lin Yayun joined us bringing the total to 8 librarians

May 2015 Academic Progress Award Initiative

May 2015 Conducting the 6th “Meet Your Wisdom” series forum

May 2015 Exhibition for Visually Impaired

March-June 2015 Light Novel & Comic Book Fair

February 2015 A visit by Macau Library & Information Management Association


Cloud Aera for Career and License open

January 2015 Rename "Library space reconstruction meeting" as "Library management and space reconstruction meeting"and invite students to participate.

December 2014 Cloud Aera for Career and License open

November 2014 1st Library space reconstruction meeting

November 2014 New E-journal and E-books system online.

October 2014 5th meet your wisdom series forum


1st Moible libray activies

July 2014 TAEBDC subsidy: NT$10,000.

May 2014 2014 Reading clubs and learning commuinities conpetition

May 2014 Promte meet your wisdom series forums to college

May 2014 Set up "library space reconstruction group."


Set up “Nobel Area”

December 2013 1st library satisfication questionnaire.

December 2013 Reading clubs and learning commuinities conpetition

December 2013 Returned books display and loan service

December 2013 Gifted home-use audie-video materials accepted to collection and circulation

October 2013 Set up Nobel area

October 2013 Librarian and work-study student etiquette training

October 2013 3rd meet your wisdom series forum

October 2013 Set up Books sharing area

August 2013 Join Benchmarking Program.


Sunday open hours adjustment

July 2013 TAEBDC subsidy: NT$ 5,000.

July 2013 5 interlibrary loan for free service

May-July 2013 Internal audit.

May 2013 2nd Meet your wisdom series forum

April 2013 Library website revised.

April 2013 Interlibrary loan express service suspended.

February 2013 Sunday open hours adjustment: 9:30-17:30


Library job rotation

July 2012 Books collection grew to 450,000

July 2012 Rule modified: books renew raise to 2.

May 2012 Thesis / dissertation system upgrade.

April 2012 VOD mobile service online.

April 2012 Job rotation


Research methods workshop

January 2012 Free massage service afford by volunteer You-Dong Bai

January 2012 2011 collection of reading club published.

December 2011 New area: Creative Teaching Materials Area

December 2011 Self-service coffee service

November 2011 Libray week activities participants raise to 6,000.

September 2011 Art Center closed.

August 2011 Research methods workshop


2011 university evaluation, gender equality evaluation, environmental safety education evaluation.

May 2011 2011 university evaluation, gender equality evaluation, environmental safety education evaluation.

May 2011 Art Center exhibition:  Edgar Degas Exhibition 

April 2011 New area: Gender equality in education area

March 2011 Art Center exhibition:  Chinese Ceramics Exhibition 

February 2011 Service learning course students increase to 300.


English window

January 2011 Journal titles raise to 2060.

December 2010 Web2.0 systen online.

November 2010 Audio-video materials loan for off libray use.

November 2010 Art Center exhibition:  Chinese Paintings Exhibition 

October 2010 Set up English window

September 2010 Art Center exhibition:  2010 Painting Exhibition - Ko Shih-Chung, Yu Shou-Chung 

September 2010 2nd rarely used books area.

August 2010 Loan service for books in rarely used books area 1


400,000 books achieved

July 2010 Book collection grew to 400,000

July 2010 Library instruction activities raised to 313

July 2010 1st rarely used books area.

May 2010 Art Center exhibition:  2009 NYTDC in Taiwan 

May 2010 Join Apabi Chinese E-book Consortium

March 2010 T2 system mellenium issue

March 2010 Art Center exhibition:NYTDC Young Guns 


Self check out service

January 2010 Set up Teaching Excellence Program Publication Area

December 2009 Art Center exhibition:  Photograph Exhibition - Wen-Yi Yang 

November 2009 Love for Asia University: book donation activity

November 2009 Art Center exhibition: Wonderful Brain 

November 2009 New service: Self check out maching


Modifiy user privilege

July 2009 New system: Asia institutional repository system

May 2009 New area: Genernal education area

April 2009 Campus reading week atitivies statistics: 4,866 participant.

April 2009 Join CTED service

April 2009 User’s right and membership modification

     Raise maxium number of loan books, extend due period, add library member by group and library VIP member, afford services to upcoming students.

April 2009 Art Center co-exhibition: NY TDC in Asia University 2010

February 2009 New area: Reading Café

February 2009 Art Center exhibition:  Glue Paintings Exhibition - Shu-Te Chang


Up to Central Taiwan University / College Libraries Consortium B class member.

December 2008 Upgrade to Central Taiwan University / College Libraries Consortium B class member.

November 2008 OperURL system connect to E-journal system

November 2008 Art Center exhibition:  Wood Sculpture Exhibition - Rong-Ci Wu 

September 2008 Collection books grew to 250,000

August 2008 Connected library e-resources to google scholar

August 2008 Set up Institutional Repository system

August 2008 Gate access system initiated


Department evaluation

July 2008 Art Center exhibition:  2008 Chinese Paintings Exhibition - Pei-Yi Yan 

June 2008 1st comprehensive collections inventory.

May 2008 VOD system off-campus access service through MUSE

April 2008 Promoting Intellectual Property Rights in campus reading week and library week series activities

April 2008 Art Center exhibition- Cogitation - The Eternal Classics 

March 2008 Joined Central Taiwan Teaching/Learning Resource Center Interlibrary Loan Express Service

February 2008 New systems: MUSE, E-journal/E-book system and Database system


New library inauguration

January 2008 Jounal titles grew to 1,600

December 2007 Art Center re-open exhibition:  Paper of Anaglyptics Exhibition 

200710 Joined Taiwan Academic E-Book Consortium

August 2007 MUSE system funded by Teaching Excellence Program

July 2007 Moved to new library and inauguration held on 13th Dec.


Teaching Excellence Program

May 2007 Art Center exhibition:  Central Taiwan Artists Exhibition 

April 2007 Join Central Taiwan Teaching/Learning Resource Center progran: Humanity and social science books purchase project funded by Ministry of Education.

March 2007 New system online: Video On Demand system

December 2006 Join Taiwan OCLC Governing Members Consortium

October 2006 Database proxy certification service.

November 2006 Organiaztion restructuring: Divison of Acquisition and Cataloging, Division of Circulation, Division of Information System.

August 2006 Collections grew to 200,000 books.

August 2006 Reading 100 books project and VOD system founded by Program for Promoting Teaching Excellence Universities

August 2006 Launching of Asia University Thesis and Dissertation System


Join Central Taiwan University / College Libraries Consortium

February 2006 Reading 100 books project initiated

April 2006 Art Center exhibition:  The Art Exhibition of Tibet Culture .

April 2006 Set up English self-learning area with "LiveABCdatabase.


Art Center open

January 2006 Journal titles grew to 1,150.

July 2005 Art Center exhibition:  Drift Wood Exhibition 

May 2005 Set up Audio-Video room, discusstion room and study room.

April 2005 1st Campus Reading Week series activities.

March 2005 Art Center opening exhibition: Impressionism in France 

March 2005 Join Digital Dissertation Consortium.


Library tour for all freshman

February 2005 Incease morning and noon shifts.

November 2004 Library space greening and restruction.

September 2004 Library tour for all freshman


2nd library relocation

December 2003 1st Library week series activities.

September 2003 Librray moved to Building of Library and Information college.


Loan service for libray members

March 2003 New service: loan service for libray members.

February 2003 Open hours extended to night and weekend.


1st libray relocation

January 2002 New service: Document delivery service.

August 2002 Librray moved to 2nd domitory.


Enhance and promote library services

July 2002 Collections grew to 22,721 books and 454 journals.

January 2002 New service: course reserved service.

December 2001 Joined LAROC,  ILCA and CONCERT.

December 2001 New service: library website and book-drop.

November 2001 New service: Interlibrary loan.1st

September 2001 TOTALS 22 WebPAC and circulation system launched.

September 2001 Library services opened to vistors.


Library open

August 2001 Purchasing library automation system, and collections were 14,000 books and 214 journals.

August 2001 Library opened in Building of Teaching.



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