In response to the epidemic alert being raised, the library is closed from 5/24/2021.

  • 2021-05-27
  • Admin System

1. Due date of current library checkouts has been extended to October 12, 2021.
2. Suspend loan and return services at service counter, and if necessary, please use “BOOK DROP” beside library entrance to return checkouts.
3. Library service counter for graduating student services, Monday-Friday, 08:00~12:00、13:10~17:00
4. For more inquiries, please contact library staff at campus ext. 3415 or mail to
5. AUL Teams Online services: Monday-Friday, 08:00~17:10

(1) Access code:5q3fb88

(2) QR code:
(3) 24-hour e-resources services platform: ERM, VOD, Thesis/Dissertation System
(4) E-resources tutorial for class or individual on Teams: DB retrieval, Endnote… etc.