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Opening Hours

Due date of loan term during winter break is extended as following:

Patron types Borrowing date  Due date Resume Date
 Faculty, Staff
Graduate student
2022.12.9~2023.1.16 2023.3.1 2022.1.16
 Undergraduate student 2022.12.23~2023.2.6 2023.2.6

1. For the due date of loan items during the period above is 2023/3/1, please confirm the new due date when renew online as the system shows.
2. Audio-video materials are excluded.


2023/04/03(Mon.)~2023/04/05(Wed.) bridge holiday on Apr 3rd、Children’s Day on Apr 4th、Tomb Sweeping Day on Apr 5th
2023/06/22(Sun.)~2023/06/23(Mon.)Dragon Boat Festival on Jun 22、bridge holiday on Jun 23.

Library will be open on Mar. 25th 8:00-17:30.
Library hours is adjusted to 8:00 to17:30 on 2023/4/8(Sat.)


Library open hours during winter vacation announcement: 08:00-17:10, Mon. - Fri., 2023/1/15-2/10.

The period of the second semester of the 111 academic year is from 2/11 to 6/17
Library open hours during summer vacation: 08:00-17:10, Mon. - Fri., 2023/6/18-9/1.

Open Hours Note
Service desk Monday~Friday 08:00 ~ 22:00 Summer & Winter Open Hours
Monday~Friday 08:00 ~17:10
Saturday ~Sunday 09:30 ~ 17:30
Borrow and Return service Monday~Friday 08:30 ~ 21:50  
Saturday ~Sunday 10:00 ~ 17:20