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Document Delivery


I. Introduction

The NDDS is a search engine designed by the Science and Technology Information System to help readers search for「Chinese Periodicals Union Catalog」、「Western Periodicals Union Catalog」、「Mainland Periodicals Union Catalog」、「Academic Conferences Proceedings Index」and 「National Science Council Research Reports Index」 in libraries in the country.

After make sure the certain locations which the documents you want are, apply on-line then you will get the document just in a few days. It's a time-saving and convenient system and a good research helper.


II. How to Apply an account

1. Go to the NDDS website, click on the "reader's area", choose "apply for account" and fill in the required information.

2. Be sure to choose "Asia University Library" for your Affiliated library.

3. It will take one work-day to verify your application. The library will inform you by email whether your account is permissible or not.

4. The application will be rejected if you are not valid patron.


III. How to Apply the documents

1. Before apply Make sure which library the documents are located by searching the union catalog in the NDDS.

2. Go to the NDDS website, click on the "reader's area", choose "Apply for NDDS" and fill in the login and password that you have applied.

3. click on "Choose the "Blank Request Forms", choose "Domestic Resources" or "International Resources" and choose "Request a loan" or "Request a photocopy".

4. Submit the form after filling the bibliographies fields.

5. When document has arrived, we will inform you by E-mail to pick it up and pay the fees. If the document is unattainable, you will get a email notice also.


IV. Document Delivery and Pick up

1. Delivery through ordinary post is cheap and most common.

2. Another choice is delivered via Ariel (scan the items and send through the Internet), which is accurate and fast but more expensive.

3. No matter which way you choose, all documents will be sent to the Reference Room of the main library.

4. You must pay your fees there before you pick up the delivered document.


V. Charges

Go to the NDDS main page and click on  "複印件收費一覽表Photocopy Price List", "圖書件收費一覽表Interlibrary Loan Price List" to find service fee for all libraries.


VI. Other Notes

1. Applicant must abide by the regulations of the librariesa and the Copyright Law.

2. Applicant's circulation privileges will be frozen, if the delivered documents are not picked up with the regulated period or the applicant does not pay overdue charges.

3. Please take good care of books. If books are damaged or lost, you will have to pay according to regulations of the library applied from.

4. If you want to cancel an application, check with the NDDS first and call the library you applied from before the item has been processed completely. If library has already finished the process, you cannot cancel your application and have to pay application fees.